Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alsobrook Party of 5 - Life with Witt

It has been quite the adjustment and since Witt has arrived!  I say that and it also seems it is no way attributable to him.  He is the best baby!  It is easy to take advantage of his disposition and leave him be and I hate when that happens. I love to hold him and love on him and watch his new giggles and his smile.  It is very difficult to do though with two demanding little girls.  At 5 and 2 Daley and Demi require a lot of attention.  Daley is in the "Watch me Mommy!" stage and Demi just says it because Daley says it and quite frankly it is a cry out for attention because they often times have to come up with something for me to watch after they ask.  It leaves me frustrated with them and that's unfortunate too.  We are getting there though!  And, every day is better than the last.Witt will be 4 months old in 9 more days and I can not believe it!  Baby's truly don't stay babies long.  It seems like yesterday is newborn outfits swallowed him whole and now he is busting out of them like the Incredible Hulk! He is such a joy and his sisters love him so much.  They are always trying to entertain him and make him laugh.  Laughing is his latest trick :)  He smiles constantly any time anyone shows him any attention and there is nothing more rewarding than the achievement of making a baby smile, so everyone is an entertainer these days.

Demi is 2 years and 4 months and she is full of senseless speech!  She babbles and babbles all day long, most of which no one can understand, but she really enjoys doing it.  She is our entertainer!  She sings and dances as much as she babbles and most things she says she turns into a song and dances to it.  Right now her latest tunes are "Happy Birthday America" and "Hello, My Mama Said No".  Her daycare (of which we are so pleased with) has really pumped up the 4th of July!  It is such a blessing to watch little ones be so patriotic.  She has been talking about America's Birthday for two weeks.  I went to the store and bought all the ingredients to make a special 4th of July cake so as to not disappoint on this special occasion.

               Dying Easter Eggs

Playing Putt Putt at Daley's Birthday Party

         Munchies with Mom

    Swimming for the first time

        Patriotic Princess

     No fear of explosives (4th of July)      

Daley turned 5 this May and she is blossoming into such a young lady.  She has the vocabulary and attitude of a preteen and I am fearful for how much worse it will be when she finally gets that age.  She asks a lot of questions!  She is very curious and very smart.  She works on reading and writing on her own constantly and would prefer to do "her important work" as she calls it, over playing.  Sometimes I wish she would "stop and smell the roses"  but it is hard to discourage her spirit.  She is a little mother to her sister and brother.  She is constantly bossing Demi around and telling her what to do and she loves to hold Baby Witt and feed him.  Haven't convinced her to change any diapers yet :) She makes me so proud in all of her accomplishments.  She is not a daredevil to say the least.  She is very fearful of being injured in any way.  She has conquered her fear of the water this summer and is even swimming in the deep end!  My big girl!

         Muffins with Mom

    Happy 5th Birthday and War Eagle


        Dance Recital - Ballet

         Dance Recital - Tap                  Doughnuts with Dad

Swimming in the deep!  (Notice the 8 ft sign)

Zach and I are constantly trying to find a balance between work and family and time with each other.  The area lacking the most is of course our time with each other.  We are making an effort, but it is hard to leave those little sweet faces for alone time when you are already leaving them for work on a daily basis.  It is for me anyway, can't speak for Zach.  Pretty sure he just want to go out to dinner, just the two of us! :)  We are finally getting to the areas of our house that we neglected since Witt came 2 weeks after we moved in.  I have wondered if it would ever get the way we want it, but it is coming along.  This past weekend I actually uncovered an air conditioner vent in the laundry room that I didn't even know we had because it was covered in boxes. Sheesh!  We are now working on a backyard for the girls and Witt to play in, and after that is complete I hope to work on the garage and maybe actually be able to park a car in it sometime in the near future. But, until then we will keep pushing along and enjoying this precious time in our lives!

            Easter with Cousin Eve

                 Happy 4th of July



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